What We Do

FREAKSHOW HD is the leading video assist rental company in los angeles providing operators and their clients the most integrated, feature rich, portable and easy to operate multi camera HD video assist systems in the market today. Freakshow HD is commited to providing operators and clients the highest level of personalized customer service and support. Freakhsow HD is now taking its fifty years of combined experience and focusing on manufacturing the industry’s most advanced and cost efficient tools for the video professional.

Who We are


Our Team:

Alex Cacciarelli: Owner, Chief Technical Officer and Operator
Howard Van Emden: Owner, Chief Financial Officer and Operator
Pablo LaTorre: Chief Engineer
David Mansour: Assistant Engineer and Electronic Technician
Matt Hillyer: Sales manager and Operator
Evan Johnson: Rental Manager and Operator
Christine Johnson: Accounting, Administration and Operations
Mike Gibbs: Fabrication, Facilities, Rentals and Operator



Howard Van Emden: 323.697.6221
Alex Cacciarelli: 661.312.8674
John Placencia: 818.667.1396
Robert Panza: 210.729.0108
Matt Hillyer: 818.397.5268
Travis Secory: 520.425.2037
Evan Johnson: 818.480.1387
John Baker: 818.298.3633
Carlos Patzi: 310.595.6295
Mike Gibbs: 310.849.2711
Adrian Delgado : 562.810.3495